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      Read story: Growing Pains
      Arts & Entertainment
      Growing Pains

      As a 22 year old Grammy award winning artist from Brampton Ontario, growing pains are part of the process. But, that doesn’t mean Alessia Cara can’t take those experiences and turn them into her second studio album, which debuted at 21 on the Canadian Billboards.

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      By FacesMagazine
      Apr 30, 2019 · 7 min read

      Read story: The house of imagination
      Home & Garden
      The house of imagination

      It doesn’t take long to realise that Jo Eastaff delights in finding beauty and utility in the old and the discarded. As an artist, school teacher and curio-collector, her particular brand of optimism infuses all aspects of her life. And nowhere is this more abundantly apparent than in her Middleton home.

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      By Fleurieu Living Pty Ltd
      Sep 2, 2018 · 7 min read

      Read story: OCD Is Not an Adjective
      OCD Is Not an Adjective

      From the moment you wake up, there it is. Those horrible thoughts are sitting in your mind. They’re nagging, maybe even yelling. You feel this irresistible urge build up inside, begging you to do something, anything, to curb the anxiety. Some days it’s the same compulsion of checking to see if you accidentally poisoned someone. On a different day, you start thinking about blinking and focus on each individual blink. The new compulsion sticks around for whatever feels just right. It must always feel right, so you do it. Your brain is telling you that it’s the only way to make the anxiety stop, and yet, you are consciously aware that’s not true. You feel trapped in your own mind. Regardless of the apparent truth, the compulsions bring a fleeting sense of peace. And that’s what drivesyou.

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      By The Peacock Magazine
      May 7, 2019 · 6 min read

      Read story: 10 Dream Trips
      10 Dream Trips

      The world has no shortage of wonders to explore, but sometimes it’s hard to choose. The experts at Carlson Wagonlit Travel offer their picks for 10 destinations you simply must see in your lifetime: from ancient sites to natural wonders. Ready, set, pack!

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      By CWTV
      Sep 20, 2018 · 7 min read

      Read story: 24 Hours in Helsinki
      24 Hours in Helsinki

      A Guide to Discovering the Best of Finland’s Capital in One Day

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      By ROSE & IVY Journal
      Oct 22, 2018 · 7 min read


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